Combo Set for LKG Students(4-5 years) with SmartSpeak Reader

Kids at this age are: Curious, they love to ask questions and to share what they know. They learn 4-6 new words per day, and are able to recall & retain 3 & 4 letter words. Are able to comprehend pre-number concepts like big-small, heavy-light, tall-short etc. they are in the developing phase of social and cognitive skills and behaviors they’ll need for schooling.
This set includes the following 9 books (with Reader Device):-

  • English Pre-Primer
  • Small letter writing book
  • Number book 1-50
  • Maths Pre-Primer:.
  • Little Artist level 2
  • World Around me level 2
  • Shabd Gyan
  • Shabd Rachna
  • Rhymes & stories level 2

Smartspeak Reader
Educational Pen , SmartSpeak Reader with One year warranty.
  • Portable & Easy to handle
  • No harmful radiations
  • Infuses life into the books
  • Makes the talking images & characters alive
  • Reads out words & text making the books interactive
  • Provides Hand-eye-coordination
  • Smart Reader is an One time investment, as it works on all age group book Sets of T3. So buy this once and then you have to buy only books