Introducing T3ShopPoint(T3SP)

T3ShopPoint (T3SP) is an unique system designed to pass additional benefit to the T3Shopper. We are happy to share back to you as token of regards to our association. Every Product is allocated with unique T3ShopPoint (T3SP).As a valued T3Shopper, On every product you purchase , you will get Discount and additional cash Back amount equal to 10% of corresponding product allocated T3SP.

Every one is eligible for these benefits and can become a T3Shopper automatically on his first purchase or simply by registering to T3shopping using a Reference ShopCode. Once successfully registered , the system will allocate you a unique T3ShopCode which can be used for future login and also as your reference ShopCode.

T3Shoppers also have an option to further promote their reference ShopCode as an affiliate and can earn more value of T3SP as incentive. We welcome you as T3shopper with an option to share your product experience with your references . Happy T3Shopping !! Transform the way you Shop.